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Ron DeSantis’ ‘Megadonor Meltdown’ Reportedly Has Republicans Looking to See Who Else Can Challenge Donald Trump

Just a few months ago, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis seemed like a formidable challenger against Donald Trump for the GOP nomination in the 2024 presidential election. However, things seem to be crumbling around the politician as some high-dollar donors are reportedly dropping their support. 

According to Rolling Stone, DeSantis is in the midst of a “megadonor meltdown” where one particular group chat seen by the magazine’s writer had people asking, “What the f**k is wrong with RD?” He was originally the candidate the wealthy GOP loyalists were gravitating toward because “he brings a similar set of MAGAfied policies” and “he has not, to date, attempted a coup.” Well, that may all be changing because of several major missteps. 

DeSantis’ first mess-up came with his description of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a “territorial dispute” when everyone knows it is far worse than that. The other issue is the governor acting like “damn wimp” against Donald Trump’s attacks, according to a DeSantis source. It’s created a “nervousness” and “panic” amongst high-level Republican donors, who are looking for a candidate to beat not only Donald Trump, but also President Joe Biden. 

The former president is beginning to capitalize on DeSantis’ popularity collapse by sending out a memo, confirmed by Politico, to the elite donors. The message allegedly pointed to DeSantis’ flagging numbers and reminded them that “now is the time to demonstrate your support” for Donald Trump. The Florida governor hasn’t even entered the presidential race officially, but it is starting to look like his campaign is over before it ever really began.

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