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Meghan McCain’s Scathing Op-Ed Claims Meghan Markle’s Coronation Decision Was Her Way of ‘Chickening Out’

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If you think the royal critics have had harsh words for Meghan Markle’s decision to skip King Charles III’s coronation, then you haven’t seen Meghan McCain’s DailyMail op-ed yet. Not only does the Bad Republican author call Meghan and Prince Harry “whiny ingrates” in the title of the op-ed, but she claims Meghan’s decision was her way of “chickening out.”

In the op-ed titled “God help America! Meghan has snubbed the coronation – and any hopes of her and Harry buzzing off back to the UK are lost forever. What did we do to deserve these whiny ingrates?” published on April 13 in the DailyMail, McCain takes jabs at Meghan’s decision to stay home with her children. Not only does she reference the South Park joke of the “Worldwide Privacy Tour,” she claims Meghan’s absence is an “insult” to Britain.

“There’s no making amends with the whiny distant cousin who constantly criticizes the wedding plans, only to then skip the big day anyway,” she said. “After Meghan-I’m-Still-Royalty-Markle has repeatedly trashed the Royal Family, what an insult to King Charles, Prince William – and the entire population of Great Britain.”

McCain also said, “brave Meghan is chickening out,” adding, “It seems to me that she is clearly unwilling to face the music with her in-laws and the British public. No matter how tone-deaf she is (and she’s pretty tone-deaf), she must be aware of how deeply unpopular she is in her husband’s home country. She would likely be booed the second the private jet’s wheels touch down.”

Throughout the long, scathing op-ed, McCain makes more jabs at the Sussexes: insinuating Meghan is camera-hungry, saying she’s now “stranded” in America, and said she and Harry “hightailed it out of town to go hang out with Ellen DeGeneres.”

To top it all off, McCain ends the op-ed by saying, “But Meghan and the Prince of Mope have made their beds – and now they must lie in them. Their decision will hang over Harry’s trip – and it will give Americans even more reason to be disgusted by them both. No one likes an ingrate.”

Okay, lots to unpack there. McCain has written dozens of op-eds for the Daily Mail over the years, dating back to Sept 2021. She frequently discusses Joe Biden, the Sussexes, and other US political opinions, along with writing an op-ed calling Elon Musk and Nick Cannon’s actions to be similar to “creepy cult leaders.” As for the Sussexes, she’s previously called them out for their Netflix mini-series, Harry’s comments on democracy, and how the Palace “must fight back” against them.

Many royal fans and critics have been torn on Meghan’s decision to skip the coronation to celebrate her and Harry’s son Archie’s fourth birthday, while Harry goes for a brief appearance at the festivities. And just as many think Meghan will never go to another royal event, but only time will tell!

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