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Prince Harry Reportedly Became ‘Petulant & Short-Tempered’ Over This Infamous Incident Involving Meghan Markle

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There seems to be more to the story about “Tiaragate” than royal watchers ever knew, that’s according to Robert Jobson’s new book, Our King: Charles III: The Man and the Monarch Revealed. He’s claiming that Meghan Markle wasn’t the one who had the issue over which tiara she would wear, Prince Harry did.

While the Duchess of Sussex took much of the blame, Jobson wrote that her husband-to-be was “petulant and short-tempered” with royal staff members in the lead-up to his wedding. The Duke of Sussex was “permanently on edge” as “the stress seemed to be getting to the couple.” Things only got worse when the tiara issue reared its ugly head. 

“The Queen as well as other senior aides also raised questions about why Meghan even needed a veil for the ceremony, given that this was her second marriage,” he wrote. “It was not Meghan who threw the tantrum, it was Harry.” That little tidbit changes all of those negative headlines about Meghan, doesn’t it? Harry sounds like he wanted everything perfect for his bride, but as the family relations began to crack, he might have lost his patience. 

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Harry addressed “Tiaragate” in his memoir, Spare, noting that after Queen Elizabeth offered Meghan a tiara from her personal jewels, the plan was derailed, and other options were given. “One was all emeralds. One was aquamarines,” Harry said in his book. “Each was more dazzlingly stunning than the last. Each took my breath.” Even though his grandmother suggested that Meghan’s hairstylist practice with the tiara before the big day, they ran into a roadblock: the Queen’s assistant  Angela Kelly.

“She was being obstructive, obviously, but for what reason?” he continued. “I considered going to granny, but that would probably mean sparking an all-out confrontation, and I wasn’t quite sure with whom granny would side. To my mind, Angela was a troublemaker, and I didn’t need her as an enemy. Above all, she was still in possession of that tiara. She held all the cards.” The tiara was eventually released to Meghan, but the damage was done.

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