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King Charles III Is Facing ‘Complete Chaos’ for His Coronation Amid Planning Setbacks

The countdown has officially begun for King Charles III’s coronation on May 6, but things aren’t going exactly as planned. The organizers for the big day are reportedly facing lots of challenges that have put the pressure on everyone to make the global event as smooth as possible.

The Mirror is reporting that “a feeling of panic has gripped the royal household” because this is a historic event, and every detail must be picture-perfect. However, there are lots of distractions that keep getting in the way, like Prince Andrew’s real estate tantrum and that nagging RSVP list. “There is a plan, which is supposed to be the blueprint of how the day should operate, but things are changing daily which is causing massive headaches. It’s all very frantic, complete chaos to be frank.” an insider shared. 

The palace has tried to be mindful of the current economic climate by cutting back on the usually long ceremony. But the 90-minute service has already crept into the 105-minute territory — and could get longer — before all of the planning is done. Charles also wants a longer procession after the ceremony to greet his fans throughout London, but organizers are doing their best to discourage him from going in such an opulent direction — and there are TV schedules that they need to adhere to. “Everything should be planned to the minute and such overruns would be a disaster,” the source added. “The schedule from the program, the carriages, balcony appearance and the RAF fly past is planned to the minute, so it’s all incredibly stressful.”

There are ongoing rehearsals to smooth everything out, and a second royal insider claims that the “coronation chaos” is an exaggeration. “It’s fair to say it will go down to the wire, but there is huge confidence everything will go to plan on the day,” they said. With the world watching King Charles III’s coronation, the monarch only wants celebratory headlines after months and months of family controversies.

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