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Prince William Is Reportedly Squaring Off With Prince Andrew Over This Coveted Piece of Royal Real Estate

The royal real estate fiasco is still ongoing because one family member reportedly refuses to leave his residence: Prince Andrew. The palace would like to focus its efforts on King Charles III’s coronation, but the disgraced royal is digging in his heels because he somehow thinks he deserves a fancier place to live. 

We can’t forget that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle already gave up their claim to Frogmore Cottage, with its extensive renovations that cost millions, so Andrew would have a place live. But no, Andrew would rather fight it out with nephew Prince William, who has “his eye on” Royal Lodge for his family, according to Page Six. “Andrew doesn’t want to leave because the property is seen as a symbol of senior royalty — an important property in the family’s portfolio,” a source explained to the outlet. 

The entire experience has left Charles “tired and furious” at his younger brother, who is continually a thorn in the royal family’s side for his association with the late Jeffery Epstein. Andrew has resided at 30-bedroom Royal Lodge at Great Windsor Estate since 2003 with ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, but he seems to forget that he’s no longer a part of the senior ranks. Palace expert Joshua Rom told Page Six, “It makes a lot more sense for William to have this house to reflect his new role particularly as Andrew is no longer a ‘working royal’ and therefore doesn’t need an office or to entertain dignitaries.”

Prince Andrew is leaning into the 75-year lease on the property that he signed after the death of his grandmother, the Queen Mother. Yet he’s reportedly struggling to keep up with the maintenance on the large home, and with little income rolling in, he needs to downgrade to a more manageable place. William will likely win this battle, but it’s going to take a lot of effort to get Andrew to move. He’s probably digging in his heels until King Charles gives him a financial incentive to move. 

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