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Kate Middleton Is Reportedly Feuding With These Members of the British Royal Family for Allegedly ‘Playing Both Sides’

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When there’s a family feud as reportedly volatile as the Sussexes and the rest of the Windsor family, there’s bound to be a few more feuds under the surface. Allegedly, there’s been a big feud going on between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s biggest supporters and the Princess of Wales. It seems Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice aren’t exactly on the best terms with Kate Middleton.

Exclusive sources told Radar Online that Kate is allegedly uncomfortable with Eugenie and Beatrice’s close friendship with Harry and Meghan. “Kate will not tolerate their cousins being all cozy with William one minute, then sneaking off with Meghan and Harry the next,” they said. “Eugenie, especially, has made a habit out of playing both sides.”

They added Kate is reportedly worried they’re too “too loose-lipped,” adding, “It’s one thing making nice via WhatsApp from 6,000 miles away. but there’s a fear they’ll spill a lot more in person once Harry and Meghan inevitably push for the inside scoop.”

“It’s a matter of principle, but privacy and discretion are also at play here,” they added. “Bea and Eugenie know a lot of things about future planning within the monarchy and the dynamic inside Kate’s nuclear family.”

For those that don’t know, Eugenie has been one of Harry and Meghan’s biggest supporters over the years. (And reports show that she’s been considering being their neighbor in California in the not-too-distant future!) As for Beatrice, she keeps her friendship with the Sussexes more on the low-key side, but it’s allegedly still enough for Kate to be worried.

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