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These Members of the Trump Family Reportedly Feel Ivanka Trump ‘Betrayed’ Them With Her Recent Actions

Many reports said that Ivanka Trump allegedly believed distancing herself from her family would be advantageous to being back in the elite circles. However, in doing so, it seems that her father Donald Trump is holding a grudge against her, and he’s not the only one. It seems quite a few members of the Trump family are also holding grudges against Ivanka. Sources claim Ivanka officially has a strained relationship with her siblings Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump.

Per insiders from Radar Online, Ivanka’s brother Donald Jr and Eric believe she “betrayed” the family. “The result is Ivanka has been declared persona non grata by all the other Trumps. And she’s begun to have regrets. She didn’t sign up to be a pariah in her own family,” they said. “Donald was furious with Ivanka. Donnie and Eric considered her testimony a betrayal.”

The insider added, “They believe she and Jared have chosen sides — and it ain’t with them. It’s with all their glittery, gala-going friends who don’t happen to like Donald all that much.”

Donald has five children in total. He shared three with the late Ivana Trump named Donald Jr, 45, Ivanka, 41, and Eric, 39. He shares his daughter Tiffany, 29, with his ex-wife Marla Maples, and his youngest son Barron, 17, with his wife Melania Trump.

While many members of the Trump family have come to Doanld’s aid, Ivanka (and seemingly Melania) are ready to turn a new leaf without the controversy.

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