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Prince William & King Charles III Reportedly Wanted ‘A Clear Strategy’ To Deal With Harry After the Oprah Interview

Circumstances concerning the bonds between British royal family members haven’t improved in the few years since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made the decision to take a step back from their duties. With King Charles III’s coronation roughly a month away, all eyes have been on the strained relationship between Harry, Charles, and Prince William. And a new book suggests the monarch and Prince of Wales devised a way to deal with the Duke of Sussex just after that memorable Oprah Winfrey interview.

Robert Jobson’s forthcoming book, Our King, chronicles the intense aftermath of Meghan and Harry’s tell-all interview. In excerpts published by The Mirror, Jobson writes that William and Charles met not long after the special aired to come up with a strategy to handle Harry. “In the aftermath, William went to his father and told him that the royal family needed a clear strategy in dealing with the renegade royals,” Jobson writes. “Charles agreed.” As a result, the royals decided to no longer treat Harry as a “trusted” member of the firm.

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that the two senior royals discussed a course of action following Harry and Meghan’s sit down with Oprah. In the time since the interview, circumstances have seemingly only escalated as even more reports levied claims regarding how the royal family feels about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s post-royal roles, including their docu-series with Netflix. Still, there have been a few opportunities for Harry, Charles, and William to reconcile.

Harry recently made a trip to the U.K. for a court case and reportedly tried to meet with his father. Then, of course, there’s the upcoming coronation, which we’re pretty sure Harry and Meghan will attend. Time will only tell what the future holds for these famous royal family members as this new chapter for the House of Windsor unfolds.

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