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Joe Biden Reportedly Played a Surprising Role in Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Decision to Finally Send Their Coronation RSVP

The major question surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has been looming large lately: Will they attend King Charles III’s coronation? With the big day less than a month away, the Sussexes are reportedly closer than ever to finally sending in their RSVP, thanks to President Joe Biden, if you believe this particular source.

The 46th president has sent his regrets to Charles, letting him know in a “friendly conversation” by phone that he will be unable to attend the coronation, according to The Times. His wife, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, will be a part of the official delegation instead. The reportedly chummy chat between the two men also led to an official invite for “a state visit to the UK,” which will be scheduled soon. That royal interaction is being suggested by a second source to have inspired Harry and Meghan to get their RSVP in as soon as possible.

“I hear they are going to confirm their plans soon, particularly now that Biden has,” they noted. Even though Joe Biden and Harry’s relationship goes far back, it’s unclear how the president’s RSVP would make the Duke of Sussex finalize his plans. Whatever the correlation, there do seem to be overtures from Harry and Meghan that they are making plans to support Charles on his historic day.

“There have been lengthy discussions between the Sussexes and the palace. There is a time crunch on this, of course,” a royal pal told Page Six. “It is such a historical event and it’s hoped that Harry and Meghan will be there.” The coronation planning committee, per The Times, “has been operating on the assumption” that they will both be there, but they are “less sure about Meghan” since it will be their son, Archie’s fourth birthday on May 6 and is obviously too young to attend the festivities for his grandfather. For now, though, Harry and Meghan are keeping everyone guessing about their coronation participation.

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