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Jennifer Lopez’s New Alcohol Brand Is Stirring Up Heated Backlash From Fans

Jennifer Lopez was so excited about her new alcohol brand, Delola, that she gave subscribers of her newsletter, On the J. Lo, a sneak peek. If the 53-year-old superstar was expecting a big celebration, she was probably shocked to see the level of criticism launched at her.

“I have been grinding non-stop for decades, and more and more I’m realizing the importance of enjoying life,” Lopez enthusiastically shared in her Instagram video promoting the new brand. “I just wanted to create something better — something better tasting, better ingredients, something I would want to drink with my friends and family, and that is Delola.”

J.Lo has always said she doesn’t drink or drinks very little in interviews, plus she’s married to Ben Affleck, who is an alcoholic in recovery. It’s hard to believe someone on her management team (like longtime adviser Benny Medina) didn’t think this through before the launch. The fans let her know their thoughts, and they noted her hypocrisy in the comments below her video.

“Oh wow. This is disappointing. Why not create a NA [non-alcoholic] brand considering you’ve been outspoken about the negative affects of alcohol and that you yourself don’t drink? This feels so off-brand for you, genuinely curious why you’re selling alcohol,” one Instagram account wrote. Another added, “She doesn’t even drink😂 but okay honey.” And of course, the money question came into play from another follower, “This feels like such a weird move for $$, I was hoping it was an elegant NA cocktail when I first saw this post…”

Many Millennials, and those of drinking age from Gen Z, are avoiding alcohol or talking about being sober curious, so it feels like Lopez might have missed the mark on this one — at least in the court of public opinion. It probably won’t hurt sales because it’s a luxury alcohol brand that buys into the J.Lo hype, but there are certainly a few fans who have taken note of Lopez’s big miss.  

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