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A New Source Reveals Prince Harry Surprisingly ’Tried’ to See Estranged Dad King Charles During His UK Trip

Given how tense the relationships between members of the British royal family have been recently, it almost feels like a breath of fresh air when someone extends an olive branch. And, as it turns out, Prince Harry reportedly made a gesture recently to try to patch things up with his estranged dad, King Charles III.

According to royal author Alexander Larman, speaking to Us Weekly, the Duke of Sussex attempted to chat with the monarch during his recent trip to the UK. “Apparently, [Harry] tried to see King Charles, but King Charles said he was too busy,” Larman, author of the upcoming book The Windsors at War: The King, His Brother, and a Family Divided, told the outlet.

As for what Larman thinks of the father-son duo’s next steps, he said he would be “amazed” if Harry and his wife Meghan Markle chose to skip Charles’ coronation in May. “If he [doesn’t] go to the coronation, he’s essentially saying, ‘I am not gonna have any relationship with my family ever again,’” Larman added.

Harry recently spent a little less than a week in his home country to make a surprise appearance in London for the lawsuit against Daily Mail publishers Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL). In a nutshell, this lawsuit is based on a multitude of people suing ANL for allegedly participating in unlawful practices to retrieve information, such as bugging, phone-hacking, and more.

Looks like Harry was ready to get down to business during his trip, bet it familial or not. And though he might not have gotten what he wanted with his dad, we’re hoping the trip was worthwhile.

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