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Donald Trump Reportedly Wanted a ‘Perp Walk’ to Get as Much Press as Possible Out of His Arraignment

Donald Trump has already made it clear that he’s making his Tuesday, April 4 arraignment in New York City into a “media spectacle,” but he was reportedly given the opportunity to keep the entire situation as quiet as possible. Of course, the former president wanted all of the camera lenses pointed at him because it serves a purpose in his campaign. 

One plan was to have Donald Trump “to surrender quietly and be arraigned over Zoom,” but nope — he wanted “a midday, high-profile booking at the Manhattan courthouse” instead, according to a Rolling Stone source. The 45th president wanted all eyes on him — which means maximum exposure — making it “a nightmare for Secret Service.”

“He wanted a perp walk; he wanted daylight hours,” a law enforcement insider shared. “He wants to get out of the vehicle and walk up the stairs.” Instead of entering “through the secure tunnels,” Donald Trump “wants to greet the crowd.” The source added, “This should be a surprise to no one — especially not his detail.” In addition to making this a fundraising opportunity for his 2024 campaign, the former president’s ego is certainly making an appearance.

The source believes that Donald Trump sees this as a “kind of Jesus Christ thing. He is saying, ‘I’m absorbing all this pain from all around from everywhere so you don’t have to.’” The former president wants to send a signal to his voter base that “If they can do this to me, they can do this to you,’ and that’s a powerful message.” Yet there’s one thing for certain according to the law enforcement official, they believe that “it will be a s**tshow.”

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