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King Charles III’s Coronation Organizers Are Utilizing This Trick To Make His Procession Look Crowded ‘Amid Fears of Low Attendance’

King Charles III is just trying to have a good time at his coronation in May, but he’s up against a family feud, Prince Andrew’s scandal, and anti-monarchy protestors who have made it clear they will be there on his big day. However, coronation organizers are reportedly more concerned about attendance given the lackluster response from many U.K. citizens. 

Instead of embarrassing Charles, they are getting clever and thinking up ways to make the crowds look as robust as they did at Queen Elizabeth II’s 1953 coronation, according to The Telegraph. They are planning on adding “football-style terraces” (aka stands here in the U.S.) to “make crowds appear more packed in photographs amid fears of low attendance.” It’s honestly not a bad strategy since Americans have seen the debate over Donald Trump’s 2017 inauguration attendance — the coronation organizers can avoid that debacle. 

The attendees will not only get seating, but they will get a better view in the staggered risers instead of standing on the flat pavement. An insider shared that photographers want to see a “wall of heads’ as Charles walks by during his procession. “They are massively terrified about comparisons with 1953 and his mother’s coronation,” the royal source noted. “There will be tiered seating, so the crowd looks bigger. They’re worried about it looking a bit s**t.”

This foresight should help King Charles avoid the comparisons to his mother’s coronation, where a reported three million citizens lined the streets to catch glimpse of the Queen. The popularity of the monarchy has suffered in the wake of her death, but perhaps this move will help soften the blow of a more subdued day for King Charles III.

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