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Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Take on This ‘Ridiculous and Unrealistic’ Aging Mentality Has Us Taking Notes

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Sarah Michelle Gellar has been working in Hollywood since she was a kid, so almost every moment of her life has been captured on camera. Now that she’s 45 years old, the Wolf Pack star is trying to shed those antiquated ideas on aging — and we are taking notes. 

Gellar was honest in admitting that she often plays the game of comparison — what she looked like in her 20s compared to now — but she’s working on reframing that inner-voice narrative. “It can be hard when you’ve been in the public eye for a long time, but I think that I’m the worst at comparing myself to what I used to look like,” she said in a cover story for New Beauty. “I’m harder on myself than the public is. I can’t expect to look like I did when I was 20, because that’s just ridiculous and unrealistic. That wouldn’t look right!”

She’s trying to “be the best” version of herself, but Gellar also knows that she’s “probably harder” on herself than she should be. “I think most of us are,” Gellar noted while we nod in agreement. During the pandemic, she realized that she wasn’t giving herself the best self-care, so she set out to change that. “I keep telling my husband [Freddie Prinze Jr.] that I feel like I’ve aged so much in those three years of having the kids home and homeschooling and all that,” she remarked. “He keeps saying, “You didn’t age anymore in those three years than any other three years.” But it sure feels like I did!”

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The Buffy the Vampire Slayer star keeps on top of her mental health by working out — it’s something she really does “thrive on.” She gushed, “I definitely get those endorphins. People have asked me in interviews, “When do you feel the prettiest?” I always say that I always feel the best right after I work out.” So, scribble down Gellar’s best advice — self-care, love your gorgeous face no matter what decade you are in, and get that workout on!

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