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Donald Trump Has Been Trying To ‘Shape the Narrative and Public Perception’ in His Favor Over Possible Indictment

Well, it looks like everyone fell for Donald Trump’s PR stunt of possibly being indicted imminently. The latest news from his hush money payment case to Stormy Daniels has the grand jury taking a scheduled month-long break — that means that if an indictment were to happen, it wouldn’t even be a possibility until at least late April. 

Seton Hall Law School professor Jamie Pukl-Werbel told Politico that the “complicated” nature of the case requires a lot more time than people realize and the scheduled break shouldn’t worry anyone. “You shouldn’t read anything into the grand jury not hearing the case for another couple weeks,” she noted. The big impact is going to come from the public because the former president got everyone on alert that his indictment was going to happen on Tuesday, March 21.

Former spokesman for the Justice Department Anthony Coley has concerns that “the delay could influence public opinion.” He told Politico, “Trump’s actions and rhetoric over the last 10 days are his standard playbook — move first to shape the narrative and public perception.” Donald Trump got in front of his own story and pulled a fast move on the public and the press. It’s a strategy that he used during his presidency, and he proved that it still works well for him out of office. 

Coley remarked that this is “a particularly useful tactic in legal communications because prosecutors are bound by grand jury secrecy rules.” It allows Donald Trump to do that talking and lead the story in a direction that he probably hopes garners him some public sympathy.

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