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Mike Pence Will Be Forced to Testify in Front of a Grand Jury & Reportedly Answer This Crucial Donald Trump Question

Former Vice President Mike Pence reportedly isn’t getting out of testifying in front of a grand jury about Jan. 6, 2021 — he tried, but failed. However, some of his conditions in the case were met, so his testimony will only involve Donald Trump.

The news comes from the Associated Press, whose two sources revealed that Pence will only “have to testify before a grand jury in the Justice Department’s investigation into efforts by former President Donald Trump and his allies to overturn the results of the 2020 election.” He’s excluded from having to discuss his own actions that day — it’s all about Donald Trump’s “potential illegal acts.”

That probably comes as a relief to Pence who has been fighting the grand jury subpoena with his legal team. Since he was serving as “president of the Senate that day,” the argument was that Pence “was protected from being forced to testify under the Constitution’s ‘speech or debate’ clause, which is intended to protect members of Congress from questioning about official legislative acts.” Donald Trump’s lawyers also aren’t pleased that Pence has to testify either. 

The former president’s lawyers contend that Pence’s case falls under “executive privilege,” and he shouldn’t have to answer the Justice Department’s questions. Of course, they don’t want anyone revealing what when down in the Oval Office that day and they maintain that Donald Trump is innocent. “There is no factual or legal basis or substance to any case against President Trump,” a representative for the former president told AP. As for Pence, his legal team is reviewing his options now that a federal judge has ruled, and he will decide whether to appeal in the near future or reveal what he knows about his former running mate.

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