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Brooke Shields’ Glowing & Bare-Faced Beach Photos Prove She’s in Her Most Confident Era Yet

The weather is warming up, and you know what that means: celebrities are showing their confident spirits while living their best lives on the beach. To kick things off, the ever-so-talented and stunning Brooke Shields posted on her Instagram, and it’s been turning heads!

On March 28, the There Was a Little Girl author shared a series of glowing, radiant snapshots on her Instagram with the caption, “Fun in the sun ☀️🐬 now back to work… #PrettyBaby comes out on @hulu ONE WEEK from today!!!”

In the first photo, we see Shields and her lookalike daughter Grier looking like sunkissed Queens as they pose together, followed by a rainbow-clad snapshot of Shields reading Paris Hilton’s book Confessions of an Heiress.

Then, we see Shields looking like a glowing goddess while rocking a white bikini and a darling sunhat, followed by pics of her and her daughter’s adventures with dogs, sun gliding, the pier, and a dolphin. We get more photos of Shields smiling, showing her bare-faced beauty for the world to marvel at, one PDA photo of her and her husband of over 20 years Chris Henchy, and a hysterical reaction shot of Shields getting ready to sun glide.

Now we really love seeing the Flower Shop Mystery star look so happy and confident in these photos, especially since she’s opened up about her struggles with body image.

In a recent interview with SheKnows, Shields talked about how she stopped comparing herself to other people, and really focused on her own beauty. “The first time I stepped outside of myself, and didn’t compare myself to other people — because when you’re in your mind, [in the modeling] industry, it’s all about comparison … Everything’s about what you’re not. It’s rarely [about] the way you [actually] are. [Pregnancy] was the first time that I actually [loved] all of my body, and then appreciated my face,” she said. “And I think I always thought that beauty was an indulgence instead of a valued part of your existence.”

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Brooke Shields

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