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Kate Middleton Will Allegedly Placate to King Charles’ Biggest Reported Concerns About Her for His Coronation

Many have reported that King Charles III prefers the spotlight to be on him, and allegedly doesn’t like it when the women of the Windsor family pull focus from him with their fashion choices. He reportedly had an issue when Princess Diana took focus from him with her fashion, per The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy and the Future of the Crown. And it’s apparently no different when it comes to Kate Middleton and her iconic style. With Charles’ coronation steadily approaching, many are wondering about each detail: including what Kate will wear for the big day.

However, reports from Newsweek reveal that Kate will allegedly keep her outfit low-key. In fact, many experts say Kate is predicted not to upstage Charles by placating his biggest concern: so she’s keeping her coronation outfit on the less showstopping side.

One fashion royal expert Miranda Holder said to the outlet: “Kate must be careful not to pull focus from the king with her outfit, which is why it won’t be too ‘out there.’”

They added that she could follow her usual formula, instead of doing something grandiose, saying, “Kate has embraced a fashion formula for previous important state events, typically wearing a coat dress ensemble from her favorite designer Alexander McQueen.”

Charles’ coronation is set to be a little over a month away on May 6.

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