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Rachel Bilson Revealed She Faked a Celebrity Relationship With This Reality Star Because They ‘Wanted the Attention’

Rachel Bilson has the most fascinating dating life. She’s given fans lots of dish about her relationship with ex Bill Hader, and now, she’s revealing that pulled a PR dating stunt with a very well-known Bachelor alum: Nick Viall.

She set the record straight on the reality star’s podcast, The Viall Files, clarifying that they were “messing around” with the internet by writing flirtatious comments on each other’s social media pages in 2019. That’s all they needed to do before Bachelor Nation took over from there and declared them a couple. “No, Nick and I never dated,” Bilson shared. “We did troll the internet.”

It seems that the duo was thirsty for a headline, at a time when they were both “epically single” and “wanted the attention.” Well, that’s certainly a way to do it! What’s hilarious is that they hadn’t met face to face until Bilson’s recent appearance on his show. So, yeah, that dating situation would have been difficult. And there was also a business reason for them to play along with the cute social media banter — they were going to do a podcast together.

It was going to be called Making Love with Nick and Rachel,” Viall said. “I had an Instagram saved all ready for it. Then she got some gig and then she bailed on me.” So, they wanted the press for the show or what Bilson described as “a tease-up” to their first podcast. Alas, it never happened and neither will their first date since Viall is now engaged to Natalie Joy — ah, what could have been!

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