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Brooke Shields’ Pretty Baby Documentary Trailer Shows How Young the Sexualization Began

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Brooke Shields is lifting the curtain on what her childhood stardom was really like in a Hulu two-part documentary, premiering April 3. In a new trailer, Pretty Baby, exposes how complicated her young life was in a very adult world because she was sexualized over and over again at a tender age. 

“I was struggling to find my own voice,” Shields recalled in the clip. “I wasn’t told it was important to have agency.” Viewers see awkward moments like her appearance on The Mike Douglas Show as the TV host gushes that she’s an “exquisite-looking young lady.” As the camera closes in on her face, Shields’ expression says it all. Other stars also make a cameo, including Laura Linney and Drew Barrymore, who add their commentary to the now-57-year-old’s story. 

“I just always remember thinking, like, I hope she’s OK,” Linney noted. “She was a young girl in an all-adult world.” And Barrymore, who probably understands Shields’ tale all too well, shared her thoughts on the supermodel wanting to be seen for more than her “pretty face,” explaining, “I love Brooke’s tone about it. We’re moving forward in life.” 

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Shields is finally confronting the world she grew up in as popular teen star of the 1980s by letting everyone know that the societal narrative has to change for young women. “I’m amazed that I survived any of it,” she said. However, nobody is going to steal the strength and power she discovered along the way. “I found my confidence and thought I can have my own opinion,” Shields concluded. “Aw hell no, you’re not taking this away from me… Now it’s like I’m allowed to be a human being.”

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