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King Charles III’s Home District Has Opted Out of Celebrating His Coronation for a Very Understandable Reason

While the palace is gearing up for King Charles III’s coronation on May 6, not everyone in the U.K. is excited about the big event. It seems that over 80 districts are ignoring the festivities, including an area that is close to Charles’ heart, his own district of Cotswold. 

In better economic times, it might be easier for the politicians to earmark money for celebrations on coronation day, but right now, times are tight. Not everyone agrees with these decision, especially since Charles has been a resident of Highgrove House for 43 years in the Cotswold area. “I think it’s an utter disgrace. They could at least find something, particularly with our royal connections — I think people are happy with our Royal connections here,” Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown told The Sun. “I would expect Cotswold District Council to do something, particularly when we have Highgrove in the area.”

U.K. citizens will get a bank holiday for the coronation to celebrate (or sit out) Charles’ ceremony, but the atmosphere feels slightly deflated in the weeks leading up to May 6. With anti-monarchy protestors threatening to spoil the festivities and the “growing apathy” from Gen Z, the royal family has a lot of hurdles to cross. The days of respect given to Queen Elizabeth II are long gone as King Charles III wades through scandal after scandal since he took the throne. 

The palace has tried to be mindful of the economic situation of the country by downsizing the coronation, but that has only led to aristocrats fighting for their invite. Let’s hope May 6 goes without a hitch because the events leading up to taking the throne have been rocky for King Charles.

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