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Prince Harry Reportedly Has a Very Strict Security Deadline to Meet Before He Can Travel Back to the UK

If Prince Harry and Meghan Markle want to come to King Charles III’s coronation, then the couple must give the palace plenty of notice. That request wasn’t handed down by his dad, but it’s a demand that the Home Office is reportedly needing to handle his security requests

Honestly, it’s a messy situation because it was Charles who yanked his security detail, to begin with. The loss of his paid protection was a consequence of Harry’s exit from the royal family. He now pays for it out of his own pocket to keep his family safe, but he still faces well-documented dangers when he returns to the U.K. It feels like the palace and Harry have been going in circles as to how to handle this situation every time he and Meghan visit and now, there are even more requirements. 

The Duke of Sussex reportedly must “give 28 days’ notice of his planned trips to the UK so that his security requests could be assessed,” according to The Telegraph. The Home Office will then investigate “whether the requested security arrangements [are] necessary.” These details came to light from the court documents of his libel claim against Associated Newspapers Limited. The concern from Prince Harry’s legal team is that the 28-day request “creates uncertainty and could threaten his safety” since each visit would be handled individually. 

“It hinders their ability to plan for and manage his security arrangements; may lead to [the Duke’s] actual arrangements being inadequate and compromise his ultimate security,” Prince Harry’s lawyers stated. The Duke of Sussex wants to keep his family safe, but if the royal family keeps on putting up roadblocks, it makes it less and less likely that Archie and Lilibet (and maybe Meghan?) will make the trip in May.

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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry

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