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Anti-Monarchy Protestors Are Warning King Charles III & Prince William That There’s a ‘Growing Apathy’ Against Royal Family

With the change in power on the throne, there’s been a noticeable difference in how Queen Elizabeth II was treated compared to her son, King Charles III. While British citizens warmly greeted the monarch when she was alive, the same can’t be said for Charles since his reign began.

The protests are becoming more frequent and the anti-monarchy groups are getting louder — and they are already telling the palace they will be there at Charles’ coronation. Sources are reporting to Yahoo U.K.’s Omid Scobie that the palace has “little worry” about people opposing the royal family because “there are plenty of positive things to be focused on.” However, Scobie is noting that it’s not the extremists who either love or hate the royals that they should be worried about, it’s the “growing apathy” in the middle that is the most worrisome.

With #NoMoreRoyals Twitter account appearing and creating a manifesto that points out, “We have to choose between heating our homes or putting food on the table, while the ‘king’ plans a multi-million pound pageant.” And anti-royalist leader Graham Smith of Republic noted to Scobie, “We can keep raising awareness of the problems and scandals of the monarchy, getting people to understand why it’s worth caring about getting rid of it. That includes connecting the institution to issues of identity, social justice, and democratic reform.”

Smith believes that “the royals will struggle to re-engage the indifferent” because “there just isn’t any reason for people to be interested in them any more than any other celebrity family.” It’s a fascinating dilemma King Charles finds himself faced with, but for now, his only focus is his May 6 coronation.

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