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Kate Middleton’s Look of Awe While Prince William Shows Off His Secret Talent Is Beyond Adorable

Prince William has a secret party trick that we didn’t know about, but now, a throwback TikTok video is showing off his serious royal skills. The clip was taken during a trip to Ireland in March 2020, but what really makes this moment adorable is how proud Kate Middleton is of her hubby.

The trip happened in early March, just weeks before the COVID-19 lockdown began in the U.K. The royal couple was honoring Galway for being chosen as the European Capital of Culture that year, so they celebrated with performers and circus artists who put William on the spot — it turns out he can juggle! The Prince of Wales is seen throwing three white balls into the air with a big grin on his face in a video posted by the TikTok account @l0velycatherine. He never missed a beat as the cameras flashed and the crowd looked impressed. 

The most supportive one of all was Kate, who stood in front of William and cheered him on. Wearing a stylish kelly-green dress with white polka dots, she applauded her husband’s hidden talent. It was quite a sweet sight! You could see how connected the two of them were during that time — and their fans agreed. 

One TikTok users commented, “So cute how smitten she is. Another added, “Love these two.” And of course, there was one account who was amazed at William’s skills, she wrote, “wow! Did not know he could do this!” We didn’t either, but if you find yourself in front of the future king, make sure to ask him to juggle for you.

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