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Harry & Meghan Director Believes Meghan Markle Had a ‘Violent Experience’ With the British Media

Everyone seems to have weighed in about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan, but there is one voice that has yet to be heard. Director Liz Garbus, who worked closely with the royal couple to craft their narrative, has a fascinating take on what the Duchess of Sussex went through while she was at the palace. 

While Garbus believes that Harry already had “a lifetime of experience” in dealing with the sometimes-aggressive U.K. media and how stories “were twisted into something he could not recognize,” Meghan endured something entirely different. The director colorfully described it to The Hollywood Reporter as a “short but very violent experience” for her. That was one of the issues they wanted to convey in their “collaboration” together. 

Garbus has “no regrets” in working with the royals on their very personal project because she is proud of the deeper work they did to educate the public on British history. “[Viewers] came for the love story, or the hot gossip, but were able to stay for other provocative and important stuff,” she explained. “To be able to discuss the history of colonialism with billions of people — when else are people going to pay attention to issues like this?”

While the series may not have changed everyone’s mind about the Sussexes, it certainly was a big hit for Netflix. And it also gave those willing to hear Meghan’s side of the equation a new perspective on how embedded the royal family is with the British tabloids — it’s an eye-opening tale.

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