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King Charles III’s Coronation Will Confirm Queen Camilla’s ‘Huge Power and Authority’ at the Palace

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King Charles III’s May 6 coronation is proving to be quite the spectacle when it comes to who holds the power behind the scenes. It seems that not only is it a major moment for Charles, but it will also be a coming-out party for Camilla, Queen Consort and her family. 

With her five grandchildren being granted official roles in the coronation ceremony, sources told the Daily Beast that it’s being seen as a “victory lap” because it “will cement her family in a powerful and influential position at the heart of the British establishment.” The grandkids will be holding a golden canopy over their grandmother as she receives “the anointing of the royal personage with holy oil.” While it sounds like a strange ritual to an outsider, Prince William reportedly isn’t pleased with this shift in power.

Remember, the Parker Bowles family is not part of the royal lineage, so this inclusion symbolically announces the grandchildren “as members of the inner circle” and will likely “elevate them to an entirely new public and social status.” You can see how problematic this could become, especially within a family that is already feuding. The Parker Bowles grandkids will become some of “the most eligible teenagers in the land” which will change the outcome of their entire lives. 

Perhaps everyone should have listened to Prince Harry in the first place? During his promotional tour for his memoir, Spare, he discussed his hesitations about Camilla. He labeled her “dangerous” in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper “because of the need for her to rehabilitate her image” and “the connections that she was forging within the British press.” The Duke of Sussex believes that her thirst for power and her “open willingness” to betray anyone in her path will only lead to a trail of destruction. 

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Christopher Andersen, author of Game of Crowns: Elizabeth, Camilla, Kate and the Throne, seems to understand how consequential this coronation could be for the entire royal family. “It seems like an obvious slap in the face to Harry and William—both of them, we now know for certain, begged Charles not to marry Camilla,” he explained the Daily Beast. “There is this gnawing sense that, were it not for Camilla, Diana is the one we would see being crowned queen on May 6. The message it sends is, ‘We really don’t need you and your family, Harry. Camilla’s will fill in the void just fine.’”

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