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Protesters Are Trying to Warn King Charles III That Support for the Royal Family Is ‘Crumbling’

King Charles III might be getting used to the protestors who seem to show up at every one of his appearances lately, but the U.K. media is sounding the alarm that things are going to get worse. It seems that the anti-royal sentiment is reaching a fever pitch ahead of his May 6 coronation.

The Telegraph associate editor Gordon Rayner discussed that the negative sentiment is “steadily growing” beyond minority activist groups like Republic as Gen Z doesn’t exactly see the monarchy as “good for Britain.” It seems that the family feud and Prince Andrew’s association with Jeffrey Epstein have definitely taken their toll. “In the last couple of years, republicanism has been boosted by the Prince Harry row and the scandal over Prince Andrew. But people are also unhappy about the cash-for-honors affair involving the King, so it’s a different ball game now because people are very happy to criticize Charles,” the writer noted. “He has 70 years’ worth of baggage and in the three or four years leading up to the Queen’s death it was one scandal after another after another.”

It seems that without Queen Elizabeth II’s popularity, “Charles hasn’t inherited that deference that people had” for her. The publication believes that the royal family is “crumbling” before our eyes. “The monarchy is a weakened institution, it’s holed below the waterline, and if we keep pushing, it will sink. People didn’t believe that was a possibility 10 years ago, but they believe it now,” Rayner wrote. Things currently look so dire that he believes “the chances of Prince George becoming king are rapidly disappearing.”

That’s a pretty shocking statement to make, but with eggs being thrown and protestors talking back to King Charles, it’s easy to see that the coronation festivities might be met with some resistance. It’s not an easy place for Charles to be, but Rayner thinks he will carry on and “disregard” the noise and “simply do the job which he is asked to do” even if the future seems bleak.

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