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Prince Andrew Is Reportedly Feeling Some Resentment Toward King Charles III for Not Giving Him His Queen Elizabeth Inheritance

Prince Andrew doesn’t seem to love all of the boundaries King Charles III is placing on him. His life is suddenly a lot more challenging than when is his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, was alive. Now, he’s reportedly claiming that he did not get his fair share of his inheritance from the late monarch.

According to the Daily Mail, the Duke of York has been left “bewildered” and “in despair” over the fact that his older brother was given the Duchy of Lancaster estate, which is worth over $790 million. “He’s been left completely in the dark,” a source shared. “Andrew’s a member of the family, for God’s sake, yet he had no idea this was coming. I gather he’s checked it out and it’s true. It’s all gone ‘monarch to monarch.'”

There’s a good reason the money went straight to Charles: taxes. The royal family avoided inheritance tax fees by transferring it directly to the next-in-line for the throne, but somehow, Andrew thinks he is owed his fair share. “What’s he meant to do? Go cap in hand to his older brother to keep a roof over his head? Things are going from bad to worse. It’s a disaster,” added the insider. Of course, Andrew reportedly has a $38,000 tab for his yogi who worked for him at Royal Lodge for a month. Maybe the Duke of York should have thought of this before he associated with the late pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein.

Prince Andrew is now seeing that his actions have consequences now that he’s being downgraded from Royal Lodge to Frogmore Cottage and his Buckingham Palace offices have been taken away. Maybe that’s why he’s been eyeing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s business plans — he suddenly realizes that he needs a job in order to make money.

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