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Twitter Is Incredibly Divided Over This Painfully Awkward Moment Between Ashley Graham & Hugh Grant at the Oscars

Tell us you don’t want to be at the Oscars without telling us you don’t want to be at the Oscars. Well, Hugh Grant made a spectacle of himself during ABC’s Countdown to the Oscars pre-show with host Ashley Graham. He just didn’t love the questions being thrown his way and it made the moment awkward and uncomfortable to watch. 

Here’s what you missed if you weren’t watching the pre-show:

Graham: What are you most excited to see? Anyone to see win?

Grant: No one in particular.

Graham: What are you wearing?

Grant: Just my suit.

Graham: Who designed it? 

Grant: My tailor.

Graham: Who are you rooting for tonight?

Grant: No one in particular.

Graham: What does it feel like to be in Glass Onion, such an amazing film? How fun is it to shoot something like that?

Grant: Well, I’m barely in it. I’m in for about three seconds.

Graham: But still, you showed up and you had fun, right?

Grant: Uh, almost.

Those who were #TeamGraham tweeted out how curmudgeonly Grant looked, “ugh Grant is the biggest D bag for this interview. Hugh, If you don’t want to be there go home. Worst Oscars interviews ever.” Another added, “Wow @ashleygraham just earned her paycheck on that interview with Hugh Grant. She was gracious and persistent through his obvious desire to not be there. Why agree to an interview if you have no interest in participating??” 

It may shock you, but others were clearly in Grant’s corner, tweeting, “Let Hugh Grant host the Oscars, I am deeply serious.” And of course, there’s always one who loves cringe television, writing, “Ashley Graham interviewing Hugh Grant is the most awkward piece of television in 2023 and I’m living for it.”

The interaction does make you wonder why the Paddington star even agreed to the interview — or even present at the Oscars. These things go hand in hand, so it’s hard not to have empathy for Graham who handled the moment with a smile that Grant really didn’t deserve.

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