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Lady Gaga Rushed to Help a Fallen Photographer & It’s Our Favorite Oscars Red Carpet Moment of the Night

It’s a nerve-wracking night for anyone attending the Oscars, whether you are a nominee, presenter, or even a part of the crew, the stakes are high for everyone. Well, there’s one A-list star who had compassion for one photographer who took a tumble on the red carpet: Enter Lady Gaga

She was gliding down the champagne carpet in her gorgeous black gown with throngs of photographers and videographers surrounding her from all angles. She drew quite the crowd because she wasn’t expected to attend or perform at this year’s ceremony — her presence was a welcome surprise. In the middle of the chaos, a cameraman behind her took a pretty big tumble. Instead of rushing ahead to the Dolby Theatre, the “Paparazzi” singer turned around and rushed to help him.

The video, captured by Bahman Kalbasi, clearly shows her running over — heels and all — to make sure he was OK. There was no concern for her gown, hair, or working up a sweat and ruining her makeup, Lady Gaga was genuinely worried for someone else in that moment. The good news is that photographer recovered quickly and was gently helped to his feet by several members of the crew. 

Once the moment subsided, Lady Gaga got back to doing what she does best — fiercely walking that red carpet. Someone in the crowd yelled to her, “We love you,” and she shouted back, “I love you, too!” It’s a night that photographer will never forget, and he will be able to tell the tale of the Oscars year that Lady Gaga ran to save his life. Yes, we are being a bit dramatic, but it’s a great story!

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