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Prince William Allegedly Suffered the Most From Charles & Diana’s ‘Toxic’ Marriage

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While there is much discussion about Princess Diana’s experience during her marriage to the then-Prince Charles, there isn’t a lot of focus on how hard it was for Prince William. We’ve certainly gotten Prince Harry’s perspective in his memoir, Spare, but the Prince of Wales has largely remained silent about his parents’ marriage. 

Now, a new deep-dive article from the Times of London is sharing how hard it was for William — he may have suffered the most. The boys’ upbringing was described as “unhappy” because they were surrounded by “warring parents who were prone to shouting, sullen silences, vicious arguments, and tears.” William was often left to console “his weeping mother” by pushing “tissues under the bathroom door.” He reportedly told her, “I hate to see you sad.” That story is just soul-crushing. 

William may have developed his well-known temper during this era because he was known at school as “Basher Wills” as he took his anger out on others. (That sounds familiar, no?) And one nanny reportedly noted that “the atmosphere at home was at best difficult to deal with, at worst toxic.” She recalled William telling Charles, “I hate you, Papa, I hate you so much. Why do you make Mummy cry all the time?”

It makes sense as to why Harry sought therapy in his adult years because there appears to be a lot of trauma to unpack. Just because a prince lives behind palace walls does not make his story a fairytale. As the oldest child, William experienced more of the darkness than Harry did — and it seems like it was a harder childhood than he may ever admit.

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