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Christine Taylor Talks Reigniting Her Spark With Ben Stiller After Their Split

From extensive movie shoots to constant traveling and public opinion, dating as a celebrity must not be easy. And, though we understand the challenges, we’re still crushed when our favorite couples announce their split. For Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller, however, fans of the couple rejoiced when news broke they had gotten back together again in 2022.

Now, over a year since their reconciliation, Taylor opened up to Drew Barrymore on The Drew Barrymore Show on March 7 and shared how it all went down. “We got married very quickly after meeting each other,” she recalled of the couple’s beginning. “We knew each other six months, got engaged, married within the year, and had Ella the next year.” The couple, who got married back in 2000, share their 20-year-old daughter Ella and son Quinlin, 17.

Taylor continued, adding that they then “started to grow in different directions” because of their ultra-demanding jobs. “And when we made the decision to separate, it was not something we wanted to talk publicly about or took lightly,” she said.

While they were apart, however, the two had “growth spurts” in getting to know who they were. “I feel like we needed some time to figure that out,” she recalled, noting that they “always stayed a family unit and always continued to do things together.”

“When the pandemic hit and we all had to figure out where we were going to hunker down, we all ended up in our house together with two teenagers,” she explained, setting up the place they reconnected. “We found this way back. We had so much time to talk. There were no other distractions.”

As for how the two are doing now, Taylor couldn’t hide her happiness. “I feel like when you’ve lived a lifetime with someone like we have — and we learned as we were going along — there’s a freedom in that,” she explained. “There is a freedom in the comfort of this relationship and the commitment.” There you have it, one of our favorite celebrity couples ever, back together!

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