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Lottie Moss Claims in a Bombshell Essay That She Has No Bond With Her Supermodel Sister Kate: ‘I Don’t Know Her’

Kate Moss’ baby sister Lottie Moss is here to tell her side of the story. In an essay penned for Newsweek entitled “I’m Called a Nepo Baby. My Life Isn’t What You Imagined,” Lottie shows she’s on a mission to set the record straight on her relationship with her half-sister Kate, and why her life wasn’t as easy as others believe.

Lottie first talked about her childhood, saying, “But because my siblings and I had never lived together, it was hard for us to become close. I never really felt comfortable confiding in them as our relationships weren’t like that.”

But then she revealed she has virtually no relationship with her sister, saying, “I don’t know her!” She added, “Of course, I knew that my sister Kate was famous and growing up, I idolized her, thinking she was the coolest. I never got much love or attention from her though, which has always upset me, especially because people have brought her up to me for as long as I can remember. How do I say to people that I don’t know her and that she doesn’t reply to my texts?”

“I think a common misconception is that because Kate, who is 24 years older than me, is rich and famous, so were my family. But obviously, that was her money and her fame, not ours,” she said about her supermodel sister. “But I wanted to become a model to make money for myself and for my parents. They had done so much for me and had always tried their hardest to be good people; I think that’s what they really taught me as I grew up.”

The OnlyFans model also gave her two cents on the nepo baby debate, saying, “I honestly think the whole ‘nepo baby’ concept is so weird; there are so many people in the world that have had obvious advantages in their career because of who they know or who someone in their family is, not just famous people.”
By the end, she noted in the viral essay that she’s in a much better place, surrounded by people that make her feel happy and safe — and we really love to hear that.

Kate and Lottie have different moms, but the same father Peter Moss. Peter and Linda Rosina Moss welcomed two children named Kate, 49, and Nick, 46. After Peter and Linda divorced, Peter remarried with Inger Solnordal, and welcomed Lottie, 25, in 1998.

The sisters have seemed to have an estranged relationship for some time, with the Kate Moss Book author reportedly being mortified and worried over Lottie’s past substance abuse issues and partying, per Page Six.

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