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There Was Reportedly So Much More In-Fighting Between Meghan Markle & Kate Middleton’s Staff Than We Realized

Though Prince Harry‘s tell-all memoir Spare has recently shed new light on the inner workings of his and Meghan Markle‘s royal feud with Prince William and Kate Middleton, there are still many pieces of the puzzle that we have yet to hear about. Most recently, royal expert Tom Quinn, author of Gilded Youth, revealed some interesting details about the rumored in-house fighting between the staffs of the Sussuxes versus the Waleses.

As a reminder, the four royals used to share the same communications team until the Spring of 2019 when Markle and Harry called for a separate office to more suitably help their needs. Though this seems like a reasonable request, especially given the amount of hate Markle received in the British media, it appears to have allegedly unleashed in-fighting rivalries within “the firm.”

“I’m not sure it’s a good idea,” Quinn said of their decision to split up their communications team. “Because I think it means that they’re always firing salvos at each other in a way they probably wouldn’t do in the past.” In other words, by splitting them up into two teams, they could now go against each other – something they would never do when they had only one shared crew.

He explained, “Two hundred years ago, you wouldn’t have had a communications team so the whole thing was more private. If you fell out you didn’t have a team of people firing rockets at each other, so I think that’s the problem. I think inevitably people feel great loyalty to one side or the other.”

Speaking of loyalty, Quinn went on to detail the passionate rivalries that began to form. “You become a believer,” Quinn said of the royal teams. “Because if someone believes totally in their role and their mission in life, it’s very hard. You either leave or you get caught up in that too. It’s almost like being in a cult.”

More specifically, Quinn referred to the staff behind Markle and Harry, who was apparently ready to do just about anything to protect and defend the Duke and Duchess. Markle, he explained, is “strong-willed” and “charismatic,” which made her a natural leader. “I talked to someone who worked for Meghan and Harry, and he said you couldn’t help getting caught up in Meghan’s […] almost messianic kind of belief in her mission,” he said. “So, you got caught up in that and you were really offended when the other side were not being friendly.”

Looks like the tension between the communications teams of the Duke and Duchess and the Prince and Princess of Wales was, in fact, much more intense than we had imagined. Knowing how strongly these powerful teams felt about their side, it’s no wonder an alleged feud eventually broke out between them.

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