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Jennifer Aniston Reveals a Game-Changing Beauty Hack that She No Longer Takes ‘for Granted’

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Jennifer Aniston has been showing off her glowing skin and shiny hair for years in television and film. The 54-year-old actress works hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but she has one beauty hack that all of us can invest in — and it’s free!

After years of insomnia, Aniston cracked the code on getting a good night’s rest, which is also the secret to not only looking great, but also feeling great. “Sleep is extraordinary. It’s beautiful,” she told InStyle. “But, boy, did I take it for granted when we were young. When you’re younger, you kind of take it for granted. You think, ‘I can survive on three-to-five hours of sleep, and I feel great,’ and then, all of a sudden, it just starts not to feel great and your performance isn’t as up to par as it should be.”

She knows that “a lack of sleep leads to all sorts of health issues” and lost sleep is “a deficit you won’t ever get back.” That’s why the Friends star came up with her own nighttime ritual to make sure her body winds down, so she can rev up and be her best the next day. That means rubbing soothing lavender essential oils on her feet, putting down that smartphone an hour before bedtime, meditation, and an Epsom salt bath to soak away any stress from the day. 

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Aniston tries to get in as many of those steps as possible, but it’s not a perfect science because her days are busy. “I just try to do my best and just figure out everything possible that will ensure a good night’s sleep,” she noted. That sounds like the perfect recipe to rest that weary head and get into that deep REM sleep to recharge for the day ahead.

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