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King Charles III’s Frogmore Cottage Eviction Creates Serious Security Issues for Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Future UK Visits

King Charles III’s request that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle vacate Frogmore Cottage is more than just a royal real estate shuffle. It has serious consequences for the Sussexes’ future visits to the U.K. because their security could be in jeopardy. 

Charles is reportedly moving everyone around to give Prince William and Kate Middleton the Royal Lodge that is currently occupied by Prince Andrew. He can no longer afford his residence, so he’s being shipped off to Frogmore Cottage. Where does that leave the Sussexes? Well, it leaves them without a safe place to stay, according to Yahoo U.K.’s Royal Executive Editor Omid Scobie. The home provided the family the “only sufficiently secure refuge in the country since their access to armed police protection was taken away in 2020.”

The Metropolitan Police’s Royalty and Specialist Protection Unit protects the Windsor Estate and that’s why Harry and Meghan kept their lease on the property long after they exited their senior roles. Harry has even gone to court to try and get the same level of security for any of his visits, but the judge is handling each of his visits on a case by case basis. And remember, Harry is paying out of pocket for these security expenses so the Sussexes are not a burden to the U.K. taxpayers. 

Just last year the former Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Operations for the Metropolitan Police, Neil Basu, confirmed that that the couple was constantly under threat. He described the security issues that were often aimed at Meghan as “disgusting and very real” — he empathized with Harry’s demands for the same protection as the rest of the royal family. Now, the couple doesn’t have to be out of Frogmore Cottage “until early summer,” according to Scobie’s sources, so they would be protected during Charles’ coronation. But beyond that, the palace hasn’t given much thought about the safety and well-being of Harry and Meghan.

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