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Gisele Bündchen May Have Offered Rare Insight Into How She Coped With Her Divorce From Tom Brady

It’s not surprising to see Gisele Bündchen doing oceanside yoga because a healthy lifestyle has always been a part of her brand as a supermodel. What is fascinating, though, is her newfound revelations in the captions of her Instagram posts — they seem to be offering insight into her divorce from Tom Brady.

The 42-year-old fashion icon drives the point home that being physically healthy is important, but mental health is also a part of the equation. “Being healthy is more than a clean diet and exercise,” she wrote in both English and Portuguese. “It’s about our attitudes, emotions, beliefs, thoughts and actions.” Then Bündchen uncharacteristically gave hints about her recent “challenging” times, which might be a tease about her fall divorce from the NFL star. 

“When life gets challenging always remember that the sun rises everyday bringing a new opportunity for us to try again and do better. It can get intense out there and we can get easily distracted by the noise,” she advises. “Awareness is key. What energy you are nurturing? Remember, we are the co-creators of our own reality, what we believe we create!”

It’s all great advice because nurturing our mental health is just as crucial as striking a warrior pose in yoga class. In the end, Bündchen is not only helping herself through tough times, but she might also help a follower who needed to hear her powerful words. This is a more open and revealing side to the supermodel, who usually keeps her thoughts more private — and we like it!

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