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Ella Travolta’s Honest Take on Her Industry Experience Sheds New Light on the Controversial ‘Nepo Baby’ Discussion

Stars like Jamie Lee Curtis, Lily-Rose Depp, and Leon Lourdes share one thing in common: they have parents who have been enormously successful in the entertainment industry. So, even if they like to admit it or not, when they decided to make a name for themselves in the business, they already had a “foot in the door,” as Depp said in an interview with Elle. The buzzy, rather heated discussion about so-called “nepo babies” has seemingly taken over public discourse recently and the kids themselves have had varying responses — from annoyance to total agreement.

Most recently, SheKnows talked to Ella Travolta, the daughter of actors John Travolta and the late Kelly Preston. When asked about the hot-button topic and her budding music and acting career, she gave a refreshingly honest answer.

“A big thing is, especially with acting, I’ve done so many auditions and I don’t think I’ve gotten one of them,” she admits. “You can do hundreds and hundreds of auditions and not get them.” Though her acting career has had more downs than might be expected, she’s maintained a positive mindset. “If you really love it, just keep going and know that it could be any number of reasons that you didn’t get it,” she says. “Keep learning from your mistakes and if you do make a mistake, then definitely learn from it. Don’t let that make you feel like you’re never going to succeed.” We’re taking notes!

“As someone who has famous parents, and who’s also wanting to be in that industry as well, it can definitely make it more challenging to make your own name,” Ella, who will be releasing an EP later this year, says, before adding that her parents have always been “parents first, and then they’re who they are second.”

“I’m so fortunate to be able to have them, I never shy away from who my parents are,” she adds, noting that she’s gotten advice from them about everything, from regular old life stuff to career moves too. She and John, as often seen on their social media, have an undeniable bond. “We are each other’s biggest fan,” she says, adding that he always motivates her to “do [her] own thing.” “He’s always like, ‘I’ll give you advice, but make your own decisions on things and make sure that you’re doing what you feel is right,'” she recalls.

Ella Travolta. (Courtesy Silk Nextmilk)

Currently, Ella is appearing alongside several other celebrity children, including Christie Brinkley’s look-alike daughter Sailor Brinkley Cook, and David and Victoria Beckham’s son Brooklyn Beckham, for a partnership with Silk Nextmilk. In the campaign, which pays homage to the classic ’90s Got Milk? campaigns with their parents, these so-called “nepo babies” are coming together to show off their plant-based milk mustaches.

“It’s such a new fresh look on it,” Ella says of the campaign. “And such a new, fresh take on it for our next generation.”

Like any good cheerleader, John was at the photoshoot to cheer her on. “It was it was my first real photoshoot, so it was really nice having him there” she recalls. “He’s just so supportive.” With so much love and support around her, the world is Ella’s oyster and we can’t wait to see what she gets up to next!

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