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Donald Trump Is Taking Hits at This High-Profile Member of the Biden Administration by Comparing Their Recent Ohio Visits

Former President Donald Trump seems to be taking hits at a big member of the Biden administration. No, it’s not President Joe Biden this time; it’s the Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and how he handled his visit to Ohio.

In case you missed it, on Feb 3, a train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio released highly toxic chemicals into the air, water, and ground, affecting both those in the community and neighboring towns. Since then, authorities ended up blowing holes in five of the train’s 150 cars, which caused a controlled burn that led to nearly 5,000 people being told to evacuate their homes, per Newsweek.

In the following weeks, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan spoke to the townspeople on behalf of the Biden administration, claiming that this was a top priority. However, neither Biden himself or Buttigieg made an appearance. Suddenly, former President Trump decided to go, with many believing it was a strategic plan for his ongoing 2024 presidential campaign.

During his trip to Ohio, Trump distributed his own branded bottles of water since many have fears about the local drinking water being unsafe.

Now, days after, Buttigieg finally visited the town in a small press conference, answering questions from the press. Per Newsweek, he admitted that they took a bit longer than they desired to visit Ohio, saying, “I felt strongly about this and could have expressed that sooner.”

Trump immediately jumped onto this, saying Buttigieg “came the next day and he played to very small crowds, nobody cared,” per MSN.

What’s most important right now? Helping the people of East Palestine. If you’re interested in making a difference, there are a number of helpful resources to get started.

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