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Paris Jackson Is Officially in Her Boho Era As She Wows Fans in These Moody & Mystifying Photos

Paris Jackson’s new era is something out of a fairytale, and these photos prove it. On Feb 25, the wilted singer shared a mystifying snapshot of herself from her new musical project with the caption, “folk & flowers will always be what my soul is made of. even if it’s louder and the petals have died.”

You can see the photos HERE!

In the spellbinding photo, we see the American Horror Story star in a nude, distressed wrap as she holds a bouquet of dead flowers and gives her hypnotic smolder to the camera. She’s bathed in warm-toned lighting, looking like an IRL fairy Queen with the natural setting around her. Truly, she’s coming into her ultimate boho era, and we’re obsessed.

In a recent interview with People, Jackson talked about how she’s changing up her sound amid the release of her new single “bandaid.” She said, “I used the same [sound] mixer, so there is definitely a cohesiveness with the first two singles, but this one is a bit more influenced by bands like the Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Interpol. It’s a little bit louder, it’s more fun. But in terms of the songwriting aspect, it’s still the same acoustic folk approach that I always take when I’m writing.”

Now back to Jackson’s look, she recently also talked to Allure about her unique style. “’90s [beauty and fashion] is pretty comfortable for me. I like to stick with the darker colors, the earth tones,” she said. “I just take [ideas] from a lot of the things that I like. Nothing’s really mine; it’s just a melting pot of my favorites.”

We are so here for this mystical, exciting new era!

Before you go, click here to see the best photos of Paris Jackson’s red carpet fashion below:
Paris Jackson

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