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Halle Berry Turned Heads in Only a Black Bikini & Sheer Robe While Strolling on the Beach

Halle Berry has done it again: she’s turned every head and made every jaw drop with a series of new bikini snapshots that show she’s a confident superstar in every season. On Feb 24, the Gothika star shared a compilation video of her recent trip to the beach with the simple caption, “Beach 💪🏽.”

In the compilation video, we see a series of jaw-dropping, moody snapshots of Berry galavanting in style at the beach. We get a series of photos of her showing off her toned physique and killer smile as she rocks a tiny bikini, black sunnies, and a sheer leopard-print kimono, followed by more peaceful pics of her looking at the ocean in a sheer white kimono.

Whether it’s an impromptu photo shoot on the beach like this, throwback lingerie pics, or steamy photos with her love Van Hunt, Berry never fails to turn heads with her confident spirit and stunning looks!

Berry previously told Good Housekeeping that for those struggling with body confidence, it’s all about focusing on your inner self. “We are all so much more than these beautiful bodies that we walk around in. Just work on the internal you and the things you can control,” she said.“We can’t control how we come here and what we look like and what walk of life we’re born into. But we can control what we think about things. We can control what we read. We can control what we put out, what we give, what we allow ourselves to take in.”

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