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Donald Trump’s Surprising Choice for His New Lawyer Has Ties to Award-Winning Hip-Hop Artists

With all of the criminal investigations knocking on Donald Trump’s door, it’s no wonder he’s branching out to all kinds of lawyers, even the polar opposite ones. Back in Aug 2022, Trump tapped in Georgia lawyer Drew Findling to his legal team to aid him in reducing or dorpping his charges in the same state. (In case you don’t know, we’re talking about how Trump was allegedly trying to attempt to change the outcome of the state’s 2020 election results!) However, people are just realizing now, after a recent Bloomberg profile, that Findling is also the same lawyer who’s represented Cardi B and Waka Flocka Flame in the past.

Findling was the one that not only got Grammy-winning artist Cardi B’s felony assault charges reduced to misdemeanors, but he’s also the one that assisted BET Award-winning artist Flame in getting an acquittal for bringing a gun in his bag at the Atlanta airport. Along with that, he’s helped stars like Gucci Mane and the members of Migos.

This lawyer has definitely gotten a bit of a fanbase for his magical ways of reducing serious charges, so it’s no wonder Trump decided to bring him on his team. However, many are still confused by the choice considering how different they are.

Findling once called Trump “racist, cruel, sick, unforgivable and un-American,” per IBTimes, and is a huge advocate for the pro-choice movement and an anti-mass-incarceration advocate. While only five percent of his casework involves high-profile figures and celebrities, Findlign said to Bloomberg that he loves that part of the job.

“I just really try to get to know them,’’ he said. “They have fascinating stories and they’re interesting young people and they have interesting families. They’re just super talented at something that I truly don’t even understand.’’

It seems Trump is trying hard to keep a ranging group of lawyers for his cases, and with this A-list beloved lawyer at the helm, he’s not messing around.

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