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Paulina Porizkova Weighs the Merits of ‘Pretty Privilege’ With Thought-Provoking Nude Snapshot

Paulina Porizkova has always been at the forefront of the anti-ageism movement and her latest Instagram post is stirring up more conversation. She’s sharing her thoughts on what it’s like to be a supermodel, especially when it gives you perks for a certain amount of time. But what do you do when that time expires? 

The 57-year-old fashion icon is never interested in just having a discussion, though, she always draws her fans in with an eye-catching photo. This time around, she posted a snapshot that showed off her gorgeous curves with nothing more than a green sequin dress covering her naked body to illustrate her point. She talked about “secret beauty” and what that means when “you’re deemed ‘beautiful’ by societal standards, [and] your outward facing shell is celebrated.” Porizkova called it “pretty privilege” which only lasts for a season because society will eventually have you “age out of it.”

She compared outward beauty to the “shiny and flashy” gown she holds up in the image.  “It instantly draws attention. But, it’s hardly comfortable, besides, the sequins will rub and eventually fall off,” she wrote. Porizkova doesn’t want her followers to put much emphasis on their outer beauty, she wants them to focus on their “inner beauty” that we all know “will last forever.”

Porizkova believes that once everyone catches a glimpse of their “inner light,” they will see that “it literally illuminates the person on the outside as well.” She then poetically added, “It’s like you’ve found a treasure in a second hand store; it’s been waiting there for only those with who have the patience and willingness to look. To really see.” It’s easy to see why Porizkova is such a leader when it comes to the anti-ageism conversation. She has a fresh perspective that is provocative both mentally and visually — it’s game-changing. “[Inner beauty] will never go out of style, because it’s never really been in style,” she summed up. “It’s timeless.”

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Paulina Porizkova

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