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Donald Trump Jr. Unintentionally Gave Telling Insight Into His Relationship with His Father While Detailing This ‘Brutal’ Conversation They Had

Just when you think Donald Trump Jr. was going to have a relatable human moment, he has to go and twist it all around. However, it sounds like it wasn’t always easy being Donald Trump’s son because he made a decision after graduating from the Wharton School of Finance that his father did not love.

Trump Jr decided to “get some stuff out of [his] system” instead of diving right into the business world after graduation. He told Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene in a recent sit-down interview that it was a “brutal” conversation that went exactly as you would expect from a dad whose whole world revolves around money. Trump Jr. rode off to Colorado to find himself in the wilderness while working as a bartender without the personal (and financial) support of Donald Trump.

“I was cut off, the only thing that they didn’t cut off because they forgot was my gas card, so I had a car and a gas card,” he explained. “I’m the guy that lived off gas station sushi for like a year.” OK, a lot of people understand what it is like to struggle and have a meager budget (maybe not on their dad’s gas credit card), but it was a very human moment — and it only lasted for seconds in the clip. 

Trump Jr. took a left turn in the conversation and cut down bartenders (and former bartenders like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) for not being able to make “trillion-dollar decisions” or being lauded as a “great financial thought leader” because of their job. Is that a fair assessment when Trump Jr. only lasted a year out “in the wilderness” before he came crawling back to New York City to work for the Trump Organization, where he easily slid back into his elite world? Donald Trump’s expectations for his son were stronger than Trump Jr. living out his dreams, and that year of “struggle” was easily forgotten because he always had a safety net waiting for him back home.

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