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Cobra Kai Star Peyton List Talks Being a ‘Leading Lady’ for the First Time Since Her Disney Days

If you watched Disney’s Jessie at all during its five years on air, you might know a thing or two about Peyton List. After all, the actress basically grew up in front of our eyes. Now, at just 24 years old, List is getting ready to shoot the sixth and final season of Cobra Kai, and is set to star in the upcoming Paramount+ drama series School Spirits. Plus, she happily put the days of contact lenses and glasses behind her having recently undergone a procedure to implant the EVO ICL Lenses.

“I’m so excited,” List tells SheKnows about School Spirits. “I feel like the last time I was really the leading lady was on Disney so now getting to depart and lead a show has been such a cool experience. And I just fell in love with everyone that’s a part of it.”

The Pley Beauty founder continues, “I’m just so excited for everyone to watch it, it’s just so different from anything I’ve done before.”

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In School Spirits, which begins streaming on March 9, List plays Maddie, a teenager who was murdered at her high school and is trapped there in her afterlife. Given her mysterious death, she embarks on a journey to find out what really happened to her. “The closer she gets to discovering the truth, the more secrets and lies she uncovers,” the official synopsis reads.

“It’s a very fun show and concept and I feel like people need to hang in there for the last two episodes because the final two episodes are so rewarding and insane,” List teases. “I screamed and cried and had all the emotions at the finale scripts.”

When it comes to Maddie and her Cobra Kai character Tori, List says they couldn’t be more different. If both went on the mat together, for example, List has no doubt that Tori would win.

“Maddie was that girl that’s like ‘I have cramps,’ ‘Can I skip gym?’ sort of energy, and Tori’s like boom, she’s the first one up,” List explains. “Maddie might just be like, ‘You win, I’m out, I’m walking away.’ And so they’re very different in that.”

After some thought, however, List agreed that Maddie’s sheer angst might help win the battle. “If Tori pushed her enough, I think she would get there,” List adds.

Though List has a lot of exciting plans coming up this year, she admits life wasn’t always – and excuse the pun – so crystal clear. “I think there’s been so many [blurry] moments, especially growing up and finding myself while doing a TV show,” she says. “I’m so grateful that I’ve had such a great family and friends around me to help guide me because I think it’s really easy to get lost, especially when going to work every day to play another person. And then you kind of look back and you’re like, ‘Whoa, what is going on?'”

Luckily for List, both her vision and her life have now come into focus. After having the EVO procedure, List says her “life completely changed.” We love to hear it. We’ll definitely keep an eye out for what you get up to next!

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