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Queen Consort Camilla’s Latest Initiative Indicates She’s Already Making Her New Royal Role Her Own

As the royal family writes its new chapter, members of the House of Windsor are coming into their own in their new roles, including Queen Consort Camilla. The royal recently announced a brand new initiative to highlight citizens in the United Kingdom who are serving their community. And the Queen Consort’s latest project also includes some details regarding the May 2023 coronation.

“I am delighted to be launching the Coronation Champions Awards with the Royal Voluntary Service, to shine a light on the herculean efforts of our nation’s volunteers,” the Queen Consort’s statement read, via the official royal family Twitter account. “Up and down the country, millions of unsung heroes are contributing to their local communities, giving generously of their time and their talents to enhance the lives of others,” her statement continued. “If you know a volunteer who is making a difference, please be sure to share their story. We would love to hear about them!”

Not only does Queen Consort Camilla’s initiative focus on recognizing volunteers making a positive impact in their community, it also features a pretty thrilling piece of recognition. Over the course of the next few weeks, 500 Coronation Champions will be selected from across the United Kingdom and receive an invitation to coronation festivities this May. Oh, and recipients will receive a pin and official certificate signed by the Queen Consort, herself. (But can you imagine — an invite to the coronation celebrations?!)

We’re still a few months away from King Charles III’s coronation, and it’s already clear the Queen Consort is leaving her mark on the monarchy. The Coronation Champions Awards seem like a thrilling new tradition the monarchy can continue to incorporate in the modern era. This is only the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the House of Windsor.

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