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Tiger Woods Just Handed His Opponent a Tampon & We Can’t Get Over How Sexist it Is

In a professional match, be it baseball or golf, tensions can get high and rivalries can really get the best of the athletes sometimes. Though we totally understand that, it’s certainly telling when athletes use their competitive spirit (and their platform) to be offensive, or even sexist. On Thursday, Feb 16, Tiger Woods did just that at the ninth hole of the Genesis Open, per Hollywood Life.

After a play from his playing partner Justin Thomas, Woods put his arm around him and handed him a Tampax tampon. Thomas, who quickly recognized what it was, immediately tossed it on the grass.

Though things were seemingly still good between them as they laughed it off, the joke didn’t land with everyone. After all, insinuating that your opponent is on their period has absolutely nothing to do with their golfing abilities.

“Sports commentators laughing, and the fact that Tiger Woods had the tampon in his pocket, ready for the right moment to disrespect women, again 🙄,” tweeted one user.

Many others, however, took to social media to defend Woods. “A little manly bantering. So what. But I’m sure some (the woke crowd) will make a huge deal out of it,” wrote another user. “Just a bit of banter, period,” wrote another.

Whether you agree the joke took it too far or not, we’re wondering if it had to be done in the first place. After all, isn’t it better to not be offensive at all?

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