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The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust Took a Not So Subtle Dig at Prince Harry & Meghan Markle On Their Revamped Website

Though the British Royal family has yet to officially speak out since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s many claims against them in their docuseries Harry & Meghan and in Harry’s memoir Spare, a new development with a cause close to their hearts suggests things are, as expected, quite tense between them.

According to reports from Daily Mail, The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, an organization that Harry and Markle were president and vice president of before they stepped down as royals, has totally axed any mention of them from their newly redesigned site. This small but mighty move may just be another quiet way that the royal family is offering a rebuttal against the couple.

“Our newly re-designed website is now live,” the organization tweeted on Feb 15. “Thanks to the important work of young leaders across the #Commonwealth, we have amazing stories lined up for you. Please take a moment to check it out and let us know what you think.”

On the organization’s “About Us” page, for example, there is mention of Queen Elizabeth‘s goal with the organization and her legacy but there’s no word on the organization’s previous leaders or previous milestones during their leadership.

Though this all may be a choice from the Trust given Harry and Markle’s lack of involvement now, it sure is telling of how the royals and their many organizations must be feeling, especially because the couple held such prominent roles prior to leaving the U.K. Though it may be a chapter the Commonwealth Trust haven chosen to remove and forget, we suspect Harry and Markle aren’t forgetting their experience anytime soon.

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