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Wayne Gretzky’s Daughter Paulina Reminds Us Pink Is Always the Right Answer in This Stunning Barbiecore Lingerie Set

Wayne Gretzky’s daughter Paulina Gretzky is showing the world that pink is always the right color to rock. On Feb 14, Paulina uploaded a jaw-dropping post of her latest at-home photoshoot to her Instagram story for Valentine’s Day. See the photos below:

In the Instagram story post, we see three photos in one: all of Paulina looking confident and gorgeous in a Barbiecore set. In the top photo, we see Paulina showing off her long, sunkissed legs as she rocks a matching pink set of a tankini top and panties. With a cup of coffee in her hand, she’s lounging on a pink bedspread we’re seriously loving right now.

Then, we see her adjusting her Barbiecore set, showing off her long locks. The focus is on the little setup she made of a perfume bottle, a pink mug, and a mirror used as a tray. We end the sensational post with another snapshot of Paulina sipping from her coffee mug, gazing at the camera, and looking like an IRL Barbie.

This isn’t the first time Paulina has taken part in the gorgeous Barbiecore trend, but this new photoshoot reminds us pink really is her color. Now, Paulina is no stranger to posting more daring content, and she doesn’t care what the haters and mom-shamers have to say.

In an archived Maxim issue per People, Paulina talked about the backlash she receives for posting these confident swimsuit pics. “Some people gave me such a hard time for posting all these swimsuit pics on Twitter. I’m sorry I’m not posting pictures when I’m reading a book. I feel like social media is supposed to be for fun,” she said. “To share what you’re doing when you’re enjoying life.”

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