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Sam Heughan, Priyanka Chopra & Celine Dion Get Romantic in Love Again – & the Movie Has a Surprise Cameo

It’s all coming back to Priyanka Chopra and Sam Heughan now – sung in Celine Dion voice. That’s right, Heughan and Chopra dropped a sneak peek of their new rom com Love Again, which includes Dion’s acting debut and new music from her. While we were hoping this would be the Titanic remake where Heughan and Chopra play Jack and Rose, and they both fit on the very large piece of wood, it is the next best thing. Let’s break down the trailer that dropped today on, of course, Valentine’s Day. Spoiler alert, Dion is not the only musical cameo. Mr. Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas pops up. And not in the way you think.

The film stars Chopra as Meera, a woman whose fiancé has died. Feeling lost, she starts texting her late love’s cell phone. Cue Outlanders Heughan who’s playing Rob, a reporter who has gotten a brand new work phone, which immediately lights up with incoming texts from Chopra’s character. Dum dum da dum. Ready, set, fall in love with a stranger that has your dead fiancé’s cell phone. But there’s a twist: Rob meets her but doesn’t tell her that he’s reading all her texts. “Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies,” let’s hope Dion sings that softly into his ear.

Heughan and Chopra did an Instagram live to celebrate the trailer release. Chopra called the movie their “little Covid baby.” They filmed the movie in late 2020, at what Chopra says, “was a very dark time.” The stars’ affection for each other was evident. Chopra confesses when she learned Heughan was cast, “I hadn’t seen Outlander, then I saw it, and I was like ‘Oh boy.’” She continued, “Sam’s like IRL funny.”

Heughan raved that Chopra is a “love bomb – she is utterly brilliant and the heart of the movie.” And then of course, he continues, “The goddess of Valentine’s herself: Celine Dion.” Chopra agrees wholeheartedly and says, “Celine was the Goddess of Love itself – walked our characters through it.” But how do Chopra and Heughan really feel about Dion singing and acting? Heughan jumped up to reveal an “I love Celine Dion” t-shirt. Omg. Sam Heughan is a Dion super fan, and we are here for it. And how do we buy that shirt?! Tell us, Heughan. We need it.

Now about Mr. Chopra’s role. He plays a date that is very… mouthy. Not like that. Like, he licks her face. Chopra reveals Jonas’s cameo was supposed to be a secret – but Sony Pictures wanted to include him in the trailer. So how did Jonas end up in the movie? Chopra says since they were all in the same Covid bubble, the movie asked if he might consider it. Heughan quickly interjected, “You forced your husband to move to a different continent and be in your movie!” Yes. Exactly that. Now about that scene, Chopra says it was ridiculous and the crew was “laughing their heads off.” She quips that it was very strange to be “NOT attracted to him!” (Watch the trailer, you’ll see what she means). Unless you’re into your dates licking your face.

Chopra had revealed in an earlier interview that there were a lot of Covid restrictions, so kissing and the normal romantic comedy things that actors have to do were not super easy! So how did they build up that chemistry, Chopra says, “We drank Sam’s whisky and Nick’s tequila.” Ah, liquid chemistry. 

Now about the legend that is Dion and her acting debut. It seems she may play herself. Her character is friends with Heughan’s and at one point in the trailer she calls Chopra’s character and sings to her to prove she is indeed the Celine Dion. Chopra and Heughan revealed they loved working with Dion. She’s an icon when it comes to the music thing Chopra says, but she’s a good actor! And both Heughan and Chopra are excited for everyone to hear Dion’s new music. (Hey Rolling Stone, how do you like Dion now?)

Chopra addressed Dion’s illness and says she’s sorry and that they are all sending their support. Heughan added, “We want the best for Celine (and this movie) is the best celebration of her and her work.”

When asked how they are spending Valentine’s Day, Heughan said he’s “curling up with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.” Wait, what?! That’s right, Heughan is getting in bed with Hanks and Ryan, or rather one of their many movies. Rom-coms and red wine? A perfect pairing. Jonas and Chopra have baby Malti so Valentine’s Day this year is different for them! She jokes Heughan could babysit, and he quickly tells her he wouldn’t be good at it!

While we wait for Love Again to hit theaters, you can be like Chopra and re-watch Outlander on Starz and say, “Oh boy!” Heughan and Caitríona Balfe return in new episodes for Season 7 in the summer of 2023.

Love Again drops May 12 in theaters over Mother’s Day weekend. Near, far, wherever, Celine Dion , Sam Heughan and Priyanka Chopra are, all of us will be.

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